Confidentiality & Security

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Confidentiality & Security

How does PlaytestCloud ensure confidentiality?

The majority of games tested with PlaytestCloud are unreleased, and we understand that this means that discretion is of critical importance. Keeping your game safe, secure and a secret is essential for us to offer the service that we do, and is, therefore, a top priority for us too. We use an array of technical and legal mechanisms to safeguard the privacy of your game.

Safety measures in our testing process

Each player who tests game builds through PlaytestCloud must adhere to the following testing protocols:

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). A tester must agree to an NDA before each game they are assigned to test. This NDA explicitly prohibits the tester from sharing any information about the game they have tested. Also, it prohibits any person from the games industry or people with close ties to someone in the games industry from joining our playtester panel.

Random invites. There is no way for someone to pick and choose which games they get to play – the process is entirely randomized. Our players are unaware of which game they will test until the point of download, as even the email invitation does not include specific details about the game; i.e., the developer or game title.

Constant recording. We record players for the entire duration of a playtest. Players are aware of this arrangement, and you have access to the whole interaction the player has within your game. We do this for the safety and security of your game, as every interaction is traceable.

Technical safety measures

We have developed software that contains your mobile game – meaning it won’t be sent into the wild completely alone. This type of software is commonly referred to as a “wrapper”, which means software that wraps around another piece of software. In this scenario, the wrapper serves two purposes, which are explained below.

The primary purpose is to protect your game build, and there are two ways the wrapper does this. The first is called a kill switch. The kill switch disables the build once the player completes the test. The kill switch is automatically added to every game you test on PlaytestCloud. Once the kill switch has activated, the player will not be able to open the game or see any of the contents. The second is called build fingerprinting. Build fingerprinting is in essence, exactly as it sounds – a way to identify someone based on their unique build fingerprint, and every game build we send out to players is traceable because of it. With this information, we know who opened the game, and at what time.

The second purpose of the wrapper is instructional. When a player receives your game, they will be presented with a set of play-testing instructions on their screen. These guidelines outline the goals and tasks the player must achieve to complete the playtest.

Working with sensitive intellectual property

If your game contains sensitive intellectual property (IP) – don’t worry! Your game is safe with us. We’ve worked with multiple developers and game studios who have built games based on popular IP such as Star Trek, Family Guy or The Walking Dead and always kept their IP safe and secure. Our safety measures allow your team to iterate on the player experience with an unburdened freedom historically reserved for teams working with content unrelated to a specific IP.

Terms of Service

Please read over our terms of service for detailed information about the security guarantees we can and cannot make in regards to confidentiality and secrecy.