Video Recording

Our on-device screen and touch recording requires no changes to your game at all.

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Video recording on iOS and Android

Mobile video recording
How does PlaytestCloud record the gameplay?

We developed a special software that wraps around your mobile game to equip it with screen and touch recording features. You don't need to modify your game for this to work.

Before our players start your game, they will see a screens with instructions that walk them through the tasks that they have to accomplish for this specific playtest. The software will also prevent the player from launching the game after the playtest has concluded.

Our software will record the screen contents of the app, all touch gestures and the microphone input.

Does the game need to be modified? Is there an SDK?

No. You don't need to modify your game to test it with PlaytestCloud, and there is no need to integrate any SDKs. PlaytestCloud works out-of-the-box with any iOS or Android game.

Minimal performance impact
Is there a performance impact?

We carefully optimized our video recording software to work well with all types of games, resulting in a minimal impact on the gameplay performance.

Sometimes there might be slowdowns in the recorded videos though, as the recording runs with a lower priority than your game code. So it might drop some frames during resource-intensive sequences of your game. This will only affect the video recording. We do our best to keep the gameplay smooth even in such situations.

Because the video is being uploaded in the background while the game is running, players with slower internet connections may see slightly slower download speeds in cases where the game downloads additional content.

Video recording for browser games

Browser Games
Google Chrome extension

To record browser games, we developed a Google Chrome extension that guides our players through the testing process and records the browser tab in which they play your game. This means that for all browser playtests, players will be using a recent version of the Google Chrome browser and you need to make sure that your game works in Google Chrome beforehand.

If you specify step-by-step instructions for the players, the browser extension will slightly modify the website‘s contents to add a widget that displays these steps. We've put in a lot of effort into making this robust, and it will not interfere with your game.

Browser Games
Testing Flash (SWF) prototypes

If your game is a Flash game and you upload the Flash SWF file for testing, PlaytestCloud will wrap it in a very simple HTML page. This is a workaround to provide the browser with a DOM root, which is required by our extension on all pages that are being recorded.

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