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Select a game from the (US) Google Play Store and we‘ll record a free playtest video for you:

  • Watch 15+ minutes of gameplay
  • Listen to the player thinking aloud
  • See the player‘s every finger touch
  • Players are from the US, UK, or Canada

Check out our alternative trial options below if your game is still in development, for iOS, or for browsers.

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Within 24-48 hours we‘ll send you a 15+ minute long trial video of a real player trying out your game.

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Sign up here if your game is not live in the US Google Play Store.

Playtest iOS, Flash, HTML5 and Facebook games

iOS & Browser Games

If your game is for iOS, Flash, HTML5 or Facebook.

Playtest soft-launched games

Soft-launched Games

If your game is available in the App Store, Google Play Store — or both — but only in a non-US market.

Playtest in-development games

In-development Games

If you only have an internal build (such as an APK or IPA file), or your build is on Unity Cloud Build or HockeyApp.


In the full version of PlaytestCloud…

The trial is a 15+ minute one-time playtest, but this isn‘t all that PlaytestCloud can do. With PlaytestCloud you can:

  • Pick your target audience
    Target your players by games, genre, and demographics.
  • Ask specific survey questions
    Each order includes a survey of 10 questions that you can ask the players.
  • Increase minimum play time
    Increase required play time up to one hour. It‘s easy to adjust mandatory play time if you want players to test content that appears later in your game.
  • Test over multiple days
    Set up tests that run over multiple sessions and multiple days. Get up to two weeks of gameplay.